Traditional Meals - Caïlcedrat Guesthouse
Most of these meals are available at our guesthouse (+226 70151197 or +226 25375569). These include:

Chitoumou: it is a Bambara term, which means “shea worm”. It feeds on the leaves of this tree. Cleaned, dried and stored until needed for cooking, cuisine chitoumou is consumed on its own by browning it in oil or in the form of salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.

French beans with maize: consumed as starter. The bean is very digestible.

Traditional main courses

Tô or saghbo in Mooré language: it is the national dish. It is in the form of paste made from millet, maize or sorghum flour. Cooked in boiling water while stirring vigorously till you get a smooth paste, tô is served in plates in small stacked balls or moulded. It is served with a light or thick drawing soup, made from okra or other plant leaves. The soup is salted and can be flavoured with potash, meat and/or smoked fish.
The soups vary from region to region and mainly depend on the cook’s inspiration. Tô is eaten all over the country and its consistency varies according to ethnic groups.

Rice: a very popular dish, especially in urban centres. Steamed or cooked sometimes in salt water, it comes in two (2) forms: rice with sauce, which is rice cooked medium rare and served with thick peanut butter sauce or light tomato sauce.
Jollof rice is rice cooked in the sauce made with fried meat or fish with onions, tomatoes, peppers and other condiments.

Yam: It is cooked in the form of stew that consists of adding large yam dices to a sauce. This dish is mainly consumed in the south and west of the country.

Sweet potato: it is equally a tuber that, unlike yam is slightly sweet and smaller. It is also cooked in the form of stews or can be fried and served with little tomato sauce. Like yam, the dish is commonly found in the south and west of Burkina Faso.

Depending on seasons, desserts consist of mangoes (grafted or fibrous), papaya, tangerines, oranges, bananas that are all home-grown.  Imported fruits such as apples, pears, and grapes can be found in fancy restaurants. These fruits are sold in the market and roadside stalls.
Sorbets and ice creams are made from the above-mentioned tropical fruits.
Cake shops are also available. Useful addresses:
- les glaciers les oscars, avenue de l'UEMOA (ex Avenue Leo Frobenius);
- les petits délices, avenue John F. Kennedy, Koulba neighbourhood;
- Pâtisserie de Koulouba, Avenue du Président Sangoulé Aboubacar LAMIZANA (ex avenue de la résistance).

Dèguè: light dish prepared with millet lumps steamed medium rare, it is immersed in yogurt or curd. Dèguè is consumed fresh, sweetened or not. It is found in western Burkina Faso. It is prepared differently in the North of the country and called ''Tiobal'' or ''Gapal” in Fulani language.