Special Tasting Menu - Caïlcedrat Guesthouse

Cailcedrat, the Satisfaction of Taste Buds

Cailcedrat, the Satisfaction of Taste Buds

Advance orders can also be placed in the morning for lunch and dinner

Aperitif: Kilichi (dried meat), local drinks or juices (tamarind, ginger, red sorrel, mango etc) are available to visitors in addition to classic drinks like beer, spirits and wine



 Caïlcédrat salad (made up of various local vegetables and eggs)


Main course: sautéed chicken with rabilé served with attiéké/peas/French beans/ potatoes/yams/plantains/rice, etc. and local wine or juice




Dégué (yoghurt with lumps of millet) or seasonal fruit


·         Coffee or Tea

·         Local digestive