Meat - Caïlcedrat Guesthouse

Poultry: chicken, guinea fowls and quails are cooked in many forms. They can be consumed in soup form or grilled. '’Poulet bicyclette” or “cycling chicken” owes their name to their long legs that give the impression that they are riding on a bicycle when they run. They are grilled or roasted in a large vertical oven with a glass door. This latter form of cuisine is called ''televised chicken'' (poulet télévisé). It is also cooked with rabilé (local bear yeast) and called ''rabilé chicken” (poulet au rabilé). Poultry is prepared in all these forms in the streets, bars and joints around the city of Ouagadougou. You can place orders by calling the following numbers: +226 70151197 or +226 25375569

Kebabs: livestock-rearing country, meat kebabs made the reputation of Burkina Faso in the sub-region. Beef, mutton, goat, liver, kidney, gizzards kebabs are so many food varieties that one can enjoy throughout the country, at all street corners.

Baked pork: a specialty of Gourounsi village lands, particularly Reo. Mini ovens installed here and there cook sucking pig meat that is enjoyed, especially during daytime. It is very popular among workers.

Wild game: serving bush meat has become common in some specialized restaurants during the hunting season. Most common dishes include soup and grilled meat of small game (hare, partridges, hedgehogs, etc.) and big game (lion, warthog, etc.).